Our Portfolio.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
― John Maeda

Talking about bespoke kitchen interiors and modular furniture, here’s an array of projects across India that we converted into an ‘experience’.

The colour palette which mainly included more of whites was combined with the rich finish and texture of veneer.
For the master bedroom, we installed a deluxe feature headboard to compliment the elegant grey wallpaper picked up for the room.
Modular Kitchen designed specifically for a client residing in Oberoi Prisma. The style centred on wooden textured finish, functionality and clean lines.
Earlier this year, we completed a modular kitchen that channeled a contemporary feel with classic accents. The brief was for a contemporary, glamourous scheme that complimented the rustic brick on show.
We recently completed a show kitchen for Jaycee Homes. Following the brief our designers created a fresh and sophisticated scheme that would attract the young professional and family market.